ADL & Its “Walk Against Hate” In Philly Helps “Woke” Democrats, Hurts Jews.

The Philadelphia ADL (Anti-Defamation League) is sponsoring a “Walk Against Hate” tomorrow (Sunday, October 23) by the Navy Yard.  The Atlantic County ADL chapter is sponsoring a bus from the Jewish Community Center in Margate, NJ to that event. Its announcement claims its purpose is to promote a future “without antisemitism, racism, and all forms of bigotry”.  However, the event also includes a “Diversity Expo” with groups that promote those evils!

The ADL, like many bad organizations today, started with good intentions.  In began as a committee of the Chicago chapter of B’nai Brith, a Jewish fraternal group back in 1913.

Today, it is a “woke” leftist organization with few, if any ties to Jews, Judaism, or Israel.  It is an international organization with a yearly budget of $81 million. Much of its funding comes from high-tech global corporations like Microsoft and PayPal. In 2010, ADL joined a lawsuit to stop the state of Arizona from enforcing federal immigration laws.

Since 2014, it has been run by Jonathan Greenblatt, lifelong leftist activist with few if any ties to the Jewish community.  Greenblatt began his career as a campaign consultant for Bill and Hillary Clinton in 1992.  Later, Greenblatt worked with the George Soros funded Aspen Institute.  His specific job there was to organize a national campaign to persuade America’s leading businesses and industries to promote “woke”/”social justice” causes.  In 2011, Greenblatt left to become a “Special Assistant” to President Obama.  There, Greenblatt directed his “Office of Social Innovation and Civil Participation”.  Greenblatt’s job there was to supervise Obama’s “community organizers” throughout America.  Greenblatt also supported “social entrepreneurs” and “social impact investment”.  Greenblatt left the Obama White House to run the Anti-Defamation League in 2014.  In 2020, Greenblatt was appointed to the “Real Facebook Oversight Board” which wanted Facebook to do even more to block, censor, and otherwise silence conservatives like us.

Why is the ADL organizing Sunday’s “Walk Against Hate”?  Is it to protect Jews?  Or is it to help re-elect woke Democrats on November 8?  Who is causing the “hate” that the ADL walking against?

A fundraising letter sent by the ADL last week suggests it is against “verbal and violent attacks targeting  Jewish, Muslim, Black, Latin American, immigrant and LGBTQ+ people” and “white supremacists and other violent domestic extremists”.  The ADL letter also said “our government needs to prioritize and more effectively address the threats from white supremacists and other violent domestic extremists”.

The letter does not mention any specific “hate” groups or incidents.  Do they claim that  “white supremacists” who make “verbal attacks” include Dr. Amy Wax?  She is a Jewish lawyer and doctor who was once a respected and tenured professor at the University of Pennsylvania.  Last year Amy Wax was denounced by “woke” Democrats as a “racist” and “white supremacist” and fired from her job.  That is because she published an opinion column suggesting that any American of any race or ethnic background can succeed in America.  She said the key to doing this is getting married, finishing high school, and having a job before having children.

What exactly are the “verbal” attacks on “Jewish, Muslim, Black, Latin American, immigrant and LGBTQ+ people that are said to be hateful or dangerous?  Do they include telling the truth about mainstream Islamic teachings that justify violence against women and non-believers?  Do they include criticism of riots, looting, and arson in the name of “Black Lives Matter”?  Do they include demanding that immigration laws be enforced, and that public schools and libraries not be used to promote an LGBTQ+ agenda?  Why isn’t the ADL more specific?

And why hasn’t the ADL event mentioned any of the most violent and deadly race-based and anti-Semitic attacks during the past three years?

The ADL was silent after last April’s violent attacks against Jews in Lakewood, New Jersey.  Dion Marsh is a black man from Manchester Township who drove miles to Lakewood where he hijacked a car and attacked, beat, stabbed, and tried to run over more than a half-dozen Jews. When he was later arrested, Marsh said he wanted “to kill as many Jews as I can”.

The ADL was also silent three days later when Frank James, also black, traveled from New Jersey to set off bombs and shoot 33 times at commuters in a subway car in Brooklyn, New York.

The ADL was silent last year when Darrell E. Brooks deliberately drove his car into a Christmas parade in Waukesha, Wisconsin, killing 6, and injured 62, many crippled for life.  Brooks was black.  All of his victims were white.

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The ADL refused to specifically identify and condemn those groups responsible for the deadly attacks on whites and Jews in Jersey City, New Jersey and nearby Monsey, New York during December of 2019.  David Anderson and Francine Graham, both black, murdered two Jews, a police officer, and a bystander in a kosher grocery store Jersey City last December 10.  They murdered an Uber driver with a Jewish name in Bayonne, NJ the week before. They had many guns and bombs and hundreds of rounds of ammunition.  They had plans to murder dozens of Jews, but Jersey City Detective Joseph Seals, the officer they killed probably disrupted them.

Their extensive collection of Louis Farrakhan tapes and videos, their  long history of Facebook posts and months of travel and preparation to identify Jewish targets and gather so many weapons showed that they could not have acted without many people knowing what they were doing.

The ADL never sponsored events to identify or condemn the hate that caused a black man drove 34 miles from Harlem to Monsey, New York to slash and stab five Jews celebrating Hanukka at the home of their rabbi?

The ADL never held events to condemn Joan Terrel-Paige, a trustee of the Jersey City Public Schools. She posted defended the Jersey City murders on Facebook and claimed black residents were “threatened, intimidated, and attacked” by “brutes in the Jewish community.

The ADL has been silent against the systematic attacks on Jews and Israel at New Jersey’s Rutger’s University in New Brunswick.   There, hatred of Jews and Israel is routinely taught in the classroom.  The buildings of the Jewish fraternity and other Jewish organizations there are routinely vandalized.

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The answer is obvious.  The ADL is not concerned with hate, or racism, or anti-semitism.  It is a “woke”, leftist hate group itself with a political agenda.  The only purpose of its “Walk Against Hate” is to promote hate against whites, Republicans and conservatives.  Its goal is to scare Jews into voting for Democrats in the midterm elections two weeks from Tuesday.

Besides ignoring those who are responsible for most racism and anti-Semitism in America today, the ADL also makes false generalizations against groups and individuals who are not responsible, including whites, Christians, conservatives, and Republicans.  These false generalizations actually create resentment and hatred against Jews, rather than prevent it. is a tax-exempt, non-political education organization of roughly 200 citizens who mostly live near Atlantic City, New Jersey.  We formed this group in 2003. We volunteer our time and money to maintain this website. We do our best to post accurate information. However, we admit we make mistakes from time to time.  If you see any mistakes or inaccurate, misleading, outdated, or incomplete information in this or any of our posts, please let us know. We will do our best to correct the problem as soon as possible. Please email us at or telephone (609) 927-7333.

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  1. Jewish business has been attacked and vilified by the Black Race Baiters thought to be community leaders in the Black Community but who are the haters leading to attacks against them.

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