NJ Again Warns Against “White Hate Groups” After Deadly Attacks By “Black Nationalists”.

On Saturday, April 9, Dion Marsh hijacked a car and tried to kill three Jewish men.  He stabbed one, and ran down two with a car.  He critically injured two of them.  March said he did it because “Jews are the real devil”.  When arrested at home, Marsh was in bed holding a machete.  (A similar weapon was used in the Hanukkah 2019 attack on Jews in Monsey, NY).  Marsh is obviously not white or a member of a “white hate group”.  However, many assume he is because the media rarely mentioned his race, and state officials announced shortly afterwards that “white hate groups pose the biggest threat” in New Jersey.

Last April 12, Frank James attacked random commuters in a New York subway car.   He carefully planned and prepared for the attack.  He set of smoke bombs and planted several deadly explosive devices before shooting 33 times at commuters in the train.  Fortunately, the explosives did not detonate.  He apparently shot at only whites, Asians, and Hispanics.  This occurred  after he denounced “white motherf—ers” for months on YouTube.

Last November 21, Darrell E. Brooks, deliberate drove his car into a Christmas parade in Waukesha, Wisconsin, killing 6, and injured 62, many crippled for life.  Brooks was black.  All of his victims were white.

Last February 10, 22 year old Calvin Crew called for an Uber in Pittsburgh.  He was picked up by 38 year old Christi Spicuzza. After ten minutes, he put a gun to her head, demanded her money and gave her instructions on where to ride.  She fully complied and begged for her life, saying she had four children.  Crew killed her anyway.

Were these attacks motivated by race?  Is this part of a pattern of black men, hating, attacking, and killing random whites that has been going for the past nine years?  Do investigators ask if any of these angry black men had seen and been influenced by racist fake-history hate movies like “Django Unchained”?  Did any of them learn their hate from Critical Race Theory lessons taught at their schools?

Has the media ever reported or discussed the obvious race hatred behind these attacks and murders? Or do they only report the “random” acts of “deranged” individuals.  Unless the attacker is white (or police officer) and the victim is black, is the race of attacker and victim ever in the headline?  Or are they buried deep in the story, or not mentioned at all.  Are there every follow up stories calling for action to make sure these attacks and killings are not repeated?

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In response to these and other deadly racist attacks by blacks against whites (and by blacks against other blacks), the New Jersey Department of Homeland Security released a report stating that “White Hate Groups” were the greatest danger to New Jersey residents.  Note:  The full NJ Homeland Security Report does state that the “homegown extremists with ties to foreign organizations” are Islamic Jihadis.  However, that detail was not mentioned in the above Patch article posted in Yahoo!News.

This is exactly what happened just over two years ago.  On December 10, 2019, two black militants shot and killed three whites at a Jewish grocery store and two elsewhere after posting anti-white and anti-Jewish messages for months on Facebook.  The two had a van filled with guns, ammunitions, and explosives.  Police believe the two had planned a much bigger and deadlier attack, but were discovered by a police detective who they killed.  After the attack, crowds of blacks gathered at the scene telling passers by that “Jews had no business being in the neighborhood”.

Two weeks later, an angry black man from Harlem drove to Monsey, New York, where he barged into a Hanukkah party at a rabbi’s house.  The man slashed five Jews with a machete, before being chased away by men defending themselves with chairs.  One 72 year old man dies from the attack.

Governor Murphy responded by sending New Jersey Attorney General Gerbir Grewal on a statewide speaking tour against “white supremacist hate groups”.  During that tour, Grewal bragged that he and Governor Murphy had persuaded NJ.com and other New Jersey online newspapers to stop allowing comments to their articles online.  He said these comments sections were used by “extreme right wing” groups to spread “hate”.

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As a result, readers of these online newspapers could no longer challenge “fake news”.  At the same time, all “mainstream” newspapers adopted a practice of no mentioning the race of perpetrators or victims of shootings, assaults, or violent crimes—except in the rare cases when the perpetrator was white or a police officer and the victim was black. By doing this, the media perpetuated a false reality where only whites were perpetrators of violence and blacks were only victims.

This is very dangerous in two ways.  It teaches blacks to falsely that they are victims of systemic violence by whites, and that retaliation is justified.  It teaches whites to falsely blame themselves for wrongs they never did.

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