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  1. I wish Clare Lopez would spare us the B.S. about “the wishes of the Iranian pelpoe”, and establishing in Iran a “secular, tolerant and pluralistic regime”.Hasn’t this deluded policy of bringing the “good” to foreign pelpoes demonstrated its folly in Iraq and Afghanistan ?America went to war against Iraq in order to react against an Islamic agression, toppled the local dictator in order to bring “democracy”, and helped create an Islamic regime with an Islamic constitution, and Islamic terrorism rife across the country.In Afghanistan, French soldiers bend over backwards to “outreach” to Muslims, order their women officers to wear the veil, and offer toys to children who (literally) take them with one hand, and stone them with the other the next minute.The West is perfectly entitled to defend itself and protect its liberty and safety.Pretending to bring “democracy” to pelpoes on the other side of the world, on the other hand, is just a new-fangled attempt at colonialism, and will end up in humiliation and retreat just as the old-fashioned one.I mean… a former CIA agent explaining foreigners America is going to chose what’s right for them in their own countries… that’s called shooting oneself in the foot.A little less arrogance, please.

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