In 1961, Russia’s Dictator Told U.S. President Kennedy That Communism Would Defeat Us Without War.

Was Russian Communist Nikita Krushchev completely mis-informed?  Was he bluffing?  Or did he know that his government’s secret campaign of “ideological subversion” against us was already achieving spectacular success?  Click here for links to previously posted articles about Russian KGB Agent Yuri Bezmenov and “Ideological Subversion”.

John F. Kennedy was sworn in as America’s youngest President in January of 1961,  at age 43.  Two months later, a private army of 1,500 Cuban exiles invaded Cuba and tried to overthrow the Communist regime of Fidel Castro.  They were overwhelmed by the Cuban army and air force, and surrendered within three days.  The United States refused to provide needed air and navy support.

That June, U.S. President Kennedy and Russian dictator Krushchev held a summit meeting in Vienna, Austria.  The purpose of the meeting was to “ease tensions between the two countries”.   It was also set up to let the two leaders get to know each other.

After the meeting, President Kennedy told advisors of this remark that had been made by Russian dictator Krushchev:


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