New Hampshire Voters!!! 15 Reasons why NJ Conservatives despise our Gov. Christie.

Nothing personal, but. . . During past 7 years, Christie broke almost every promise he made?when he ran against Conservative Steve Lonegan in June Primary, and?Wall Street Democrat Jon Corzine?in November, 2009.?? This is SOME of what Christie did.? He:

1. Caused?more households to move out of NJ than from any other state during 4 of last 5 years. (United Van Lines, January, 2016)

2. Picked ?progressives? (mostly Democrats) to key Attorney General , Board of Public Utilities, Public Education, and Environmental Protection positions?froze out all conservatives.

3. Kept in place all spending, borrowing, & tax hikes previously pushed through by?disgraced Wall Street Democrat former Governor Jon Corzine.

4. Raised bridge, tunnel, Parkway, Turnpike, Expressway tolls (Lincoln/Holland Tunnels now $15), property taxes and electric bills by using income tax and electric utility money to fund his spending hikes.

5. Borrowed against NJ gas tax money for next 20 years, leaving no money to build or fix roads or bridges for 20 years without big tax hikes, and turned NJ roads into Third World mess.

6. Rewarded his Wall Street friends with no-bid contracts to invest NJ pension funds in high-risk, money losing ?investments? like Revel Casino disaster in Atlantic City (wrong $2.6 billion casino, in wrong place, at wrong time).2015-corporate-welfare-image

7. Forced Atlantic City (population 38,000) government to borrow $370 million rather than cut spending when casino property values declined.

8. Made NJ?s bad ?pay to play? political culture worse by giving handful of insiders bigger government no/low interest loans, permits, and tax breaks while everyone else crushed by high taxes, expensive regulations, and lawsuits.

9. Falsely claimed to ?fix? NJ public employee pension funds, while making them even more insolvent. (NJ pensions are abused because payments based on last three years of salary, not lifetime contributions to system.)

10. Publicly insulted public school teachers, while opposing Wisconsin?s Governor Scott Walker and others who took action to end teacher union and civil service abuse.

11. Publicly opposed ?progressive? Democrat ?Common Core? curriculum and standardized tests while privately forcing school districts and parents to comply.nocommoncore

12. Forced beach towns like Margate to spend billions on artificial sand dunes, even when 3 foot wood seawalls built after 1944 storm don?t wash away, protect towns better, and back bays cause most flooding where sand dunes are useless.2013-1013-wooden-seawall-Margate

13. Wasted hundreds of millions of ?Stronger Than Storm? relief money on public relations and vote-buying give-aways to people and corporations that had no damage or loss from storm.

14. Publicly embraced Obama Democrats and attacked Republicans trying to balance budget to give us four more years of Obama and a $19 trillion debt.

15.? Let?key Democrats run without serious opposition and let Democrats keep control of both houses of State Legislature if Democrats “took a dive” and let Christie win 2013 re-election with big landslide so he could run for President.

Submitted by Seth Grossman, Executive Director

3 thoughts on “New Hampshire Voters!!! 15 Reasons why NJ Conservatives despise our Gov. Christie.”

  1. My main concern on Christie becoming President is who he’d nominate for the U.S. Supreme Court
    In NJ Governor Christie nominated a bond lawyer with no court room experience.
    Unfortunately it appears Christie looks at skin color, sexual preference & ethnic background over real qualifications
    Do a search of Bruce Harris & you’ll find more about this lousy pick.
    BTW despite Bruce Harris & an e-mail he sent out years earlier on gay marriage Governor Christie tried his best to get Harris on the bench.
    Going so far as kicking Senator Doherty off the judicial committee & replacing him at the last minute.
    Christie stood by his nominee but ousted Doherty who said he’d look into Harris’ qualifications during the confirmation hearing
    That was too much of a chance for Christie to take.
    Thankfully the Democrats voted against Harris, the reason? — Harris said he’d take himself off & not vote if gay marriage Q came before the court.
    Democrats didn’t like that

  2. How about debate whopper? (Nearly fell on the floor when I heard it!) Pants on Fire Christie said that New Jersey has ELIMINATED Common Core. Ha! Ha! Really??? Apparently nobody but him got the memo on that. Sort of like how he made it easier for people to get concealed carry permits. Ask the police about that.

    I was never a huge fan of Christie, but appreciated some of the things he did (certainly better than Corzine would have been). Now he is an abject disappointment in my book.

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