Did your NJ Assembly members vote “No” against the gas tax hike?

If they voted “No”, please personally thank them.?? Please publish a letter to the editor in your local paper thanking them.?? Please thank them on Facebook and on every blog you can.?? Please make a personal commitment to give them money and support to re-elect them next year.2010-0107-NJ-Transport-bonds-Goldman

If they voted “Yes”, please tell them how angry you are at them.?? Please publish a letter to the editor and post on Facebook and every blog you can why they were wrong to vote “Yes”.??? Explain why NJ taxpayers have no legal or moral obligation to bail the reckless and mismanaged NJ Transportation Trust Fund Authority out of its $16 billion debt.?? Feel free to copy anything posted on this website, or on our Liberty and Prosperity Facebook Page, or on www.RepudiateNJ.com.??? If your NJ Assembly members voted “Yes”, please help us identify, recruit, train, and support qualified candidates to run against them in the Primary Elections next June.?? Thanks.2010-0107-NJ-Transport-bonds-Lonegan-Language

Asm. 6/28/2016 – 3RDG FINAL PASSAGE – Yes {53} No {23} Not Voting {4} Abstains {0} – Roll Call
Andrzejczak, Bob – No Auth, Robert – No Barclay, Arthur – Yes
Benson, Daniel R. – Yes Bramnick, Jon M. – Yes Brown, Chris A. – Yes
Bucco, Anthony M. – No Burzichelli, John J. – Yes Caputo, Ralph R. – Yes
Caride, Marlene – Yes Carroll, Michael Patrick – No Chaparro, Annette – Yes2016-0628-gas-tax-vote
Chiaravalloti, Nicholas – Yes Ciattarelli, Jack M. – No Clifton, Robert D. – Yes
Conaway, Herb, Jr. – Yes Coughlin, Craig J. – Yes Dancer, Ronald S. – No
Danielsen, Joe – Yes DeAngelo, Wayne P. – Yes DeCroce, BettyLou – Yes
DiMaio, John – No Downey, Joann – No Egan, Joseph V. – Yes
Eustace, Tim – Yes Giblin, Thomas P. – Yes Gove, DiAnne C. – No
Green, Jerry – Yes Greenwald, Louis D. – Yes Gusciora, Reed – Yes
Handlin, Amy H. – No Holley, Jamel C. – Yes Houghtaling, Eric – No
Howarth, Joe – Yes Jasey, Mila M. – Yes Jimenez, Angelica M. – Yes
Johnson, Gordon M. – Yes Jones, Patricia Egan – Yes Karabinchak, Robert J. – Yes
Kean, Sean T. – Yes Kennedy, James J. – Yes Lagana, Joseph A. – Yes
Lampitt, Pamela R. – Yes Land, R. Bruce – No Mazzeo, Vincent – No
McGuckin, Gregory P. – No McKeon, John F. – Yes McKnight, Angela V. – Yes
Moriarty, Paul D. – Yes Mosquera, Gabriela M. – Yes Mukherji, Raj – Yes
Munoz, Nancy F. – Yes Muoio, Elizabeth Maher – Yes O’Scanlon, Declan J., Jr. – Not Voting
Oliver, Sheila Y. – Yes Peterson, Erik – No Phoebus, Gail – No
Pinkin, Nancy J. – Yes Pintor Marin, Eliana – Yes Prieto, Vincent – Yes
Quijano, Annette – Yes Rible, David P. – Yes Rodriguez-Gregg, Maria – Yes
Rumana, Scott T. – Yes Rumpf, Brian E. – Not Voting Russo, David C. – No
Schaer, Gary S. – Yes Schepisi, Holly – No Singleton, Troy – Yes
Space, Parker – No Spencer, L. Grace – Yes Sumter, Shavonda E. – Yes
Taliaferro, Adam J. – Not Voting Tucker, Cleopatra G. – Not Voting
Vainieri Huttle, Valerie – Yes
Webber, Jay – No Wimberly, Benjie E. – Yes Wisniewski, John S. – No
Wolfe, David W. – No Zwicker, Andrew – No

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1 thought on “Did your NJ Assembly members vote “No” against the gas tax hike?”

  1. John Ranieri

    Until the money is gotten out of politics we will not receive decency in government,
    be it state or national. The average citizen can not hope to compete with the large donations which are received from wealthy individuals,large corporations,political action groups and special interest. Our representatives are firmly in their pockets,representing their interest,giving only lip service to the majority of their constituents at election time.

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