Was Race Hate Motive Of Black Mass Shooter At Michigan State?

Few Americans are asking that question. Few even know that the murderer was Black.  This is by design.  When criminals are Black and victims are White, their photos are rarely shown.  Race is never mentioned in the headlines.  News coverage of last week’s mass shooting at Michigan State University was only the latest example.

All four of the news stories published in our local Press of Atlantic City were supplied by the Associated Press, a national news network.  None of them mentioned the race of the murderer or his victims. None included photos which would disclose their race.

CNN included a photo of the murderer showing his race in one online news report shortly after he was identified.  However, that photo was not shown in later stories by CNN or other online news sources. The murderer’s race was not mentioned by any mainstream online news sources. One of the students killed was Black.  Two were White.  The race of the five critically wounded students was not disclosed.  Only a photo of the Black victim was shown in the Microsoft Bing and Google summaries of the online news coverage.

Above:  Photos of the two White victims were included in all local and regional news reports, but only occasionally in national news stories.  Source of Photo:  Indystar.com

The media gave similar coverage to the murder of a White FedEx supervisor by a Black employee in Philadelphia last November.  Race was not mentioned, nor was a photo of the murderer published.

Was race hatred by this Black employee towards his White supervisor a motive for this murder?  Was this a hate crime?  If so, where did this hate come from?  Did it come from Hollywood revenge and race hate movies like Django Unchained?  Did it come from “woke” rap songs? Did it come from hateful and distorted “Black History” in the public schools? Did it come from biased and selective news stories?  These are important questions.  We cannot have normal race relations in America until we ask these questions and find answers.  However, these questions can never be asked if race is only mentioned and disclosed in the rare crime stories when the criminal is White and the victim Black but not in the far more common stories when the races are reversed.

A Google search shows that there were only three local news stories when a Black FedEx employee in Philadelphia stalked and murdered his White supervisor for not promoting him.  It also shows that this story was never reported as national news.

In 2021, a Black man from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, posted his hatred for Whites on social media for months.  Then he deliberately drove his SUV at high speed through a crowd of whites at a Christmas parade in the nearby suburban town of Wakeshau. Yet the Press of Atlantic City, like most newspapers in America, never mentioned the race of the criminal or his victims. It published the above story supplied by the Associated Press, a national news network with the headline:  “SUV driver found guilty”.

However, in the very rare cases when a criminal is White and the Victims are Black, race is almost mentioned in every headline.  Photos of the White Criminal and Black victim are often shown side by side to imply a White racist motive.

Such crimes are very rare and isolated in this country of 335 million people.  However, articles about these crimes are designed to distort this reality.  They instead support the fake Democrat narrative that violent “right wing extremists” and “white supremacists” are the biggest threat to most Americans.

This happened when 21 year old Dylann Roof murdered 9 Black Americans in a Charleston, South Carolina church in 1915. It happened again when 18 year old Payton Gendron murdered 10 Black Americans at a supermarket in Buffalo, New York last year.  These crimes were repeatedly reported as national news.  The race of the criminal and victims and their photos were part of every story.  The national news also blame racism of all White Americans for these crimes.

In 2020, two White men thought a Black man walking through their neighborhood was a burglar.  When he was killed in a scuffle after they confronted him, their photos and race were in every headline.  This convinced almost every American that White racism was the motive long before any evidence was presented at trial.

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