Even More Fascist “Gleich-schaltung”* At Stockton U.: “We Are Infusing Race And ‘Racial Justice’ Throughout Our Curriculum”.

Last month, Stockton University President Harvey Kesselman spoke at its “Black History Month” march and rally.  Kesselman said, “We proclaim our commitment to the dismantling of ‘systemic racism’. . . We are infusing race and racial justice throughout our curriculum”.  This technique of promoting a political agenda through every course, class and activity in every

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Should Atlantic County Help Stockton Build 107 Student Apartments in Atlantic City for $654,205 Each?

The Atlantic County Improvement Authority (ACIA) today plans to borrow $70 million, so that Stockton University can build 107 apartments in Atlantic City to house 416 students.  The average cost of each apartment is $654,205.  Isn’t this the real reason why colleges today are so expensive?  Isn’t this  why unsustainable student loan debts are ruining

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NJ’s Stockton Univ. Pays, Honors Sadistic, Racist Separatist Who Invented Kwanzaa in 1966

The fake seven day “holiday” called “Kwanzaa” began yesterday.  Three weeks earlier, New Jersey’s Stockton University paid its violent and deranged inventor, Maulana Karenga (previously Ron Everett) to give a Zoom webinar on Kwanzaa for its students, faculty, and the community. In 1969, two students, members of the Black Panther Party, criticized Maulana Karenga, the

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Did Years of “Free” Trips & Exchange Programs with Chinese Communists Blind US To Coronavirus Danger? And To Taiwan’s Success In Stopping It?

During the past ten years, the Chinese Communist Party regime invested much money and talent to establish friendships and loyalties with leading politicians, business leaders, and public school and college teachers and administrators in Atlantic County, one of the smallest in New Jersey.  Did they do this in every county or every state in America? 

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Unsustainable Debt & Dependency As Deadly As CoronaVirus

When America was great, we had a culture of independence and self-reliance.  Most Americans understood that liberty and freedom included the responsibility to accept consequences for bad choices as well as rewards of good ones.  Most Americans and businesses minimized debt, saved money, and bought insurance to protect themselves from unexpected emergencies. For many reasons,

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