Murphy Energy Plan Cost Estimates

Would you buy a house, a car, or take a vacation without having an idea of the costs? Does any business engage in muti billion-dollar contracts without an idea of the cost? It appears the BPU will act without cost

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Sunshine and Breezes Questions

Any candidate who supports the forced energy transition to sunshine and breezes should explain their plan to minimize the following renewable energy problems. Solar panels and industrial onshore and offshore wind turbines have short lives, only about 20 years. How

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Black History Month, Redneck Culture

Black History Month. Thomas Sowell and Redneck Culture. Will Smith Slapped Chris Rock. Why so much anger? Scotch Irish along the frontier. Destructive culture of drinking and fighting. White Liberals. Black on Black crime. Teen riot at Atlantic City basketball

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ACCC Gaba Fighting Racism With Racism

Segregation of employees at Atlantic Cape Community College. ACCC WOKE President, Dr Barbara Gaba. ACCC and Gaba Go Woke, Separate Employees By Race. Seth Grossman is guest on WPG Radio with John DeMasi. Jan. 28, 2023.  

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Offshore Wind Turbines Nothing But Hot Air

Offshore wind turbines come with unintended consequences. NJ Gov Murphy won’t admit this though. Europe is already going back to coal. Wind, a so-called ‘green’ technology, is already obsolete. Seth Grossman is guest on Dan Klein show, WOND Radio. Jan

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NJ Energy Report – December 2022

  Energy Supply Offshore Wind Turbines Offshore Wind power advocates claim it is cheaper than fossil fuels.  The `cheaper’ is done by excluding transmission line cost, grid connection cost and ignoring reliability. Wind costs are climbing because of inflation, rising

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