Energy – Government Responsibility

Government Responsibility By:Edward A. Reid Jr. Government, at all levels, apparently believes that its responsibility in the proposed energy transition is to establish the goals, set the timeline, pick the winning technologies and incentivize their market adoption. This perception led

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Public – Whales and Offshore Wind

Groups Investigating Death Of Critically Endangered Whale Take Wind Industry Money Michael Shellenberger Feb 2, 2024 .Paid ∙Rope, not the wind industry, killed the critically endangered North Atlantic right whale found dead last Monday, claim scientific organizations, the US government,

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The AG’s Main Concern – Murder or Metaphysics?

Isn’t it the AG’s job to arrest and prosecute crime?   DC Attorney General Brian Schwalb’s response: “We cannot prosecute and arrest our way out of it.” From the article: Former Trump administration official Mike Gill, a father of three,

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