Stop Prosperity

The Letter The climate cult leaders recently flew in their private planes to Egypt to meet and discuss the level of prosperity and human flourishing they will permit (1) western industrial society residents to have. This was a conference (COP

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Food Production

Per Axios Many people around the world struggle with food insecurity as global warming and geopolitical unrest disrupt global food and agriculture supply chains. Join Axios for a virtual event exploring the opportunities and challenges of adapting food systems to

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Three Inconvenient Thanksgiving Truths: #1. Pilgrims Starved Until They Rejected Socialism, #2 Disease Killed Most Native Americans, #3 Many Tribes Waged Genocidal Wars Against Others.

Teach your children well tomorrow. These three important history lessons about Thanksgiving, and America, are no longer taught by our schools, media, or Hollywood/TV pop culture. Lesson #1: America became the “Land of Boundless Opportunities” only after the Pilgrims rejected

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Thanksgiving When America Was Great.

We “Boomers” are the last generation to remember Thanksgiving before “woke” public schools, TV Football, cellphones at the table, and the rush to catch early Christmas sales. Classic 1941 “Freedom from Want” Painting by Norman Rockwell Celebrating The American Way

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Questionable Wind Comments

  Orsted’s claim that Ocean Winds 2 offshore wind project can supply electricity to 500,000 homes is misleading. 500,000 homes can only be supplied occasionally and randomly. This number is based on turbine nameplate rating and assumes a 100% capacity

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