Jeff Van Drew on Useless Wind Turbines

Talking about Donald Trump. Michael Anton. Two tier justice. 2024 election. AUG 5, 2023 Seth Grossman. Talk with a purpose. Waterfront homes. Jeff Van Drew on Wind Turbines. Ocean floor will be a concrete mess. 1,500 union jobs? Wind turbines

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Orsted Wind Tax Breaks, Beware Smart Meters.

Enjoyed Somers Point beach concert. Gary US Bonds on stage. Listen to Seth Grossman. WPG Radio. July 29, 2023. 60 years of American decline. Ocean Wind project. Carbon capture. Shut off power from grid. Smart Meters will turn things down

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Obsolete Wind Turbines

Ocean Wind Turbines. Costs piling up. Already an obsolete technology. Lawsuits growing. Listen to Seth Grossman on WPG Radio show with John DeMasi. Could the tide be turning? PRAVDA. George Orwell. 1984. Party is always rights. Press of AC hell

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