Just Stop Oil

Just Stop Oil The true foe of freedom and prosperity is the simplistic slogans: “just stop oil,” “no new oil,” “net-zero,” “energy transition,” etc. Consider the benefits from more than 6,600 products derived from oil and gas which comfort and

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Offshore Wind and Whales

Why Environmentalists May Make This Whale Species Extinct Leighton Woodhouse and Michael Shellenberger Since the passage of the 1973 Endangered Species Act, environmentalists have fought for strict protections for endangered species. They have demanded that the government apply what is

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Recession is Real. Inflation at 40 yr High.

In two short years, the economy has crumbled. Inflation is at forty-year highs, government spending continues at unprecedented levels, and debt across all categories has climbed to record levels. Retirement accounts and 401k’s have been hit hard and supply chains

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Concerns Over Curriculum, CRT, Gender Propaganda

The world continues to change, and we Americans need to Do More Than Vote. Are you concerned about curriculums and what your children and grandchildren are being taught in school? Do you believe that your children and grandchildren should be

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Statue of Liberty, The American Dream

The Statue of Liberty was not built to welcome immigrants to New York. Its official name is Liberty and lighting the world. It was built by people in France to celebrate America’s first 100 years. Yes, the Statue of Liberty

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Losing Faith in Elections

Many Americans today have no faith in elections. They think an election is stolen whenever their side loses. Most of us rarely socialize with people who disagree with our politics. We no longer get our news from the same sources.

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