Inflation Recovery Act Comments

Comments from Alex Epstein on the terrible Inflation Recovery Act Please read and distribute and write to your representatives at all levels.

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Fossil Fuel Benefits

The following Talking Points were recently published by Alex Epstein. They are excellent for understanding the beneficial effects of fossil fuels, how our lives depend upon fossil fuels and how to refute the false assertions of impending catastrophe predictions caused

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Sex & Gender Curriculum at NJ Grade Schools

So if you’re in Egg Harbor Township, if you’re in Atlantic City, what did your school board do? But what the real story is, is these same standards are being rained rammed down in every other school district in New

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Richard Somers, American Hero from Somers Point

Richard Somers of Somers Point was a true American hero.  At one time, every school child was taught his story. Now, Richard Somers is cancelled. His remarkable story is forgotten. There are many reasons for this. One is that it

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