Actors Buscemi & Stuhlbarg Attacked in NY. Random? Or Racist?

Last Sunday evening, a 27 year old “homeless” man “randomly” hit 55-year-old Michael Stuhlbarg in the back of his head with a rock. The Boardwalk Empire actor was walking near Central Park in the Upper East Side of New York.   The attacker had recently been released from prison. He had been previously convicted for “randomly” beating and robbing people who walked by him on the sidewalks of Manhattan in 2022.

Four days earlier, just before noon, 62-year-old Steve Buscemi was punched in the face in another “random” attack by a stranger. Buscemi was walking on a busy sidewalk in mid-town Manhattan.  Buscemi is an actor who played the part of “Nucky” Thompson in Boardwalk Empire, and Nikita Kruschev in Death of Stalin.

On June 9, 2023, a 23-year-old woman was slashed in the face and shoulder in a “random” attack by a man she did not know and had no previous contact with.

On January 15, 2022, 40-year-old Michelle Go was pushed from behind into the path of an oncoming New York City subway train. She was killed instantly.  The man who murdered her did not know her and “randomly” attacked her.

All of these “random” attacks had three things in common:

  1. The victims were white or Asian.
  2. The perpetrators were Black.
  3. Few if any media reports of these crimes mentioned the race of the victims or the perpetrators.  Race could usually be determined only through follow up searches, especially when police asked the public for help in identifying and locating the suspect.

Above Image: The man who “randomly” attacked actor Michael Stuhlbarg last Sunday.

Above image: The man who “randomly” attacked and punched Steve Buscemi last week.

May 18, 2024 Update:  New York Police Department today identified the suspect as 50-year-old homeless man Clifton Williams. He is charged with second-degree assault. The crime is a class D felony and carries a possible sentence of seven years in prison. Assault in the second degree is also classified as a violent felony, and a judge is required to impose a minimum sentence of two years in prison.

Above Image:  The man who “randomly” slashed a woman in the face on New York subway in 2023.

Above Image: The man who pushed 40-year-old Michelle Go into the tracks in front of an approaching subway train on January 15, 2022.

Were these attacks truly “random”? Or were they motivated by race hatred on the part of Blacks against whites? If so, what is causing that hatred?  What can be done to stop it?

If these attacks are caused by race hatred, how can we learn the causes and stop the hatred, if the media won’t report the races of the perpetrators and victims of these attacks.

During the past several years, we have posted many stories describing numerous deadly attacks made by Blacks against whites since the hate movie Django Unchained was released during December of 2012.  Almost all of these attacked were reported as “random” or “unexplained” incidents of violence.

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